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The Life and Times of Carmen Ferrara

Inner Beauty Shines Through

Carmen Ferrara
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Okay...Hi! Carmen Ferrara here. I'm a sophomore at Kennedy High, home of the Amazons and the amazing Glamazons! I play the guitar and sing, but mostly my life is devoted to dance. I love to dance! It's my passion. And I think I'm really good at it. It's in my heart. So how could I not be?

Anyway, when I'm not dancing I'm spending time with my best friends Sam, Cat, Lily and Harrison. We've been best buds for like ever. They're always there for me. They're true friends.

While I do love my friends, this year I'm hoping to broaden my horizons a little, make a few new friends. I'm hoping to achieve this through joining the Glamazons. They are the most popular girls in the whole school, and I hope that by becoming one, some of it will rub off on me. Don't worry, I won't become one of those people who gets a big head or anything. I know that with great power comes great responsibility. I hope to use my powers for only good, never evil.

made by glamazon_queen

As I hope most of you know, Carmen Ferrara is a fictional character played by Sara Rue on Ryan's Murphy's short-lived teen drama Popular. I am certainly none of those people. I don't even know those people. This journal is strictly for RPG use.